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5 lessons my 20’s have taught me (so far)

Are your 20’s ghetto or is it just me? One minute you think you’re getting your life together, the next minute, you forget to put on your wig before leaving the house.

Despite being in my early 20’s, the first couple years have been slapping me around just enough for me to learn one or two things that I am grateful to know now:

  • It CAN really be you: I think we’ve all said “It can never be me”, at least once. Baby girl, listen… it can actually be you. Whatever “it” is. I think sometimes we haven’t been exposed to ourselves enough to be able to know what is really on the inside of us. Certain situations are meant to expose us to ourselves and when God shows you who you really are, believe it, and work towards becoming better. How many people have we judged for doing the very things we found ourselves doing later on? For this very reason, it is important to surround ourselves with mentors, friends, sisters who can advise us, hold us accountable and help us even when we fall. It will save us a lot of heartbreak and unnecessary mistakes.

  • Be your own person: On top of getting to know who we are, we are also constantly evolving. In trying to find yourself, it’s easy to get stuck trying to emulate somebody else’s life or destiny because it seems appealing #Goals. Truth is, God made you the way you are for a reason, there can only be one you, and that will make the difference in everything you do. Focus on running your own race.

  • Life is a marathon: It’s not a race. What is your focus on? Are you building something that will pass the test of time or you just want to make it to 30? There’s life after 25 and 30 and the choices we make today are shaping this future, so let’s be smart!

  • I don’t know anything: The more you know, the more you realize you actually don’t know anything. It’s a great exercise to observe everything through the lenses of newness, it leaves room for God to teach us every step of the way. In the words of Socrates, “The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing”…

  • You can’t and will never control everything: Plan, think, organize, strategize, be on your A game everyday, but there’s some things you will never be able to control and trust me, the quicker you let go of that desire to control everything, the easier your life will be. Surrender is a choice, a daily one and that’s probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Submit, humble yourself before God humbles you.

Our 20’s are full of lessons, trial and error, but they are also some of the most beautiful years of our lives. This is our prime time!

“20 is for you, 20 is for growth, it’s for the pursuit of a tomorrow better than today, 20 is for options, passion, knowledge, enjoyment!” – Judge Lynn Toler

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