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What I Want My Sister To Know

Two of my favorite people are taking over the blog today and I couldn’t be happier. They each gave me some valuable advice as their sister but also as a young woman in today’s world.

Idriss, 25, the deep and funny (some people think he’s fine):

  • Have your own experiences : don’t be afraid to go out there, make memories and meet new people !
  • Don’t give your heart away to just any man : you can’t be out here selling yourself short. Know your value ! Remember who you are !
  • Analyze your heart : look for insecurities and unaddressed hurt. You must heal before doing or going for anything. You must know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Know that you are beautiful and loved too.

David, 32, the wise and talkative (he’s really fit and some people think he’s fine too):

1) respect your elders
2) always cook and clean for them

Just kidding. You’re such a bright, intelligent, accomplished, beautiful young woman that it’s hard to give you advice that you probably haven’t heard already. But here’s what I have to say:

  • ALWAYS seek people’s respect first, not their love, acceptance and approval : You’ll never be able to control people’s feelings, thoughts and emotions about you. Whatever you do, do it for God and not human recognition. Let human beings do, say and think whatever they want, as long as you’re at peace in your heart. (I pray that God gives you a man who respects you as a woman, respects your goals, your decisions, your input…)
  • TRUST NO-BO-DY : No human is worthy of your full trust… Always be prepared for the unexpected and know what to do if anything happens. You could be very blessed and fully trust the right person, but if you fully trust the wrong one, it can be disastrous… (I pray the lord that he gives you a husband which will be the right person for you to fully trust as well). Never gamble when it comes to certain things and always protect yourself.
  • Never let anyone pressure you into making a decision, especially when the consequences will affect you the most: If you want to decide on something regarding yourself, do it your way. Pray about it, listen to God, get advice and guidance from whomever YOU want, but never let anyone pressure you into something, not even your husband (may God give you a wise man whom will be able to give you the right advice). Always make the call your way, with God’s guidance.

Can I get an amen? I pray this over all my sisters.

Seeing how they slid husband and men in there, maybe they should come back for a relationship edition?

Let me know !

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