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The secret behind ‘Secrets’

Welcome back Queens!

My first book is finally ready and I am extremely excited. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

This week, someone asked me what was the hard part about writing my book and why did I write a book? Great questions!

If you’re reading this, you probably know I love to write and I always did, ever since I was a little girl. My mom would always say, “c’est quoi tu écris et puis ça fini pas là” (if you know, you know) every time she would see me writing something. I didn’t even know, I just kept doing it because it felt good. It was my safe space.

In 2019, life got overwhelming and I was very lost and confused. Everything was happening so fast and it felt like I couldn’t catch a break. I lost myself a little. The only time I felt like I could catch a break was during my quiet times. I felt safe in God’s presence and I could hear Him speaking to me, speaking life in me, often contradicting the lies I was starting to believe. In those moments, I was corrected, encouraged, empowered and that’s what kept me going, the secrets God was sharing with me.

I didn’t want to keep it to myself but I also didn’t want to put my business out there, so I started writing down key things I would take from every conversation with God, and I put them into a file. 1 became 20, 20 became 50, 50 , 100 +. I knew I had to obey and not be stingy with the revelations but I had to get over myself first lol. After putting in the work and questioning it a million times, I finally have a poetry-ish) book!!

This book is not a lecture, it’s not intrusive. It’s delicate and sensitive enough to provide you with the freedom to choose what you want and leave out what you do not need.

This is a the fruit of my obedience to God. This is a testimony. It’s a step of faith. This is me sharing the parts of me He touched and healed and hopefully it will touch and heal you where you need it most. I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me.



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