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5 Truths I Accepted in 2021

It is that time of the year again! As I am sure we all have been reflecting, shifting and planning, I am excited about this post. Instead of sharing lessons like we usually do, I wanted to share truths I battled with for so long and finally accepted, embraced and started walking in this year. This, for me, is proof that it’s not always about the drastic changes we make but the little habits and default mindsets we choose to challenge. Here are my 5 truths:

Truth #1 – Everything you need is already in you

We’ve heard it a 10000 times for different reasons, I know. However, this year has shown me the importance of acknowledging the things we are learning, the seeds we are sowing and the ones that have been planted in us. It is also important to find the confidence to use or apply them. I have done a lot of things I thought I could not do just by accepting that I have it in me, God put it there. I think sometimes challenges are God’s way of opening our eyes. It’s an opportunity for us to be reminded that we have what it takes because He placed it in us; forgiveness, patience, creativity, etc. You got it!

Truth #2 – I have power over my thoughts

You are what you think but you also do not have to be a victim of your thoughts. Contrary to popular belief, we can control our minds, as hard as it may be. Think of your mind as something precious and valuable you need to take care of and set the proper boundaries. That also means that what happens in other people’s minds is their business.

Truth #3 – I am allowed to live at my own pace

While there is a time and a place for everything, I strongly believe that we each have to operate in our own divine timing. The pressure of doing everything before 25/30 or posting frequently, etc. is something we CHOOSE to subscribe to. No one is chasing us and nothing should make us want to go ahead of God.

Truth #4 – My relationships with God and myself are the most important

It doesn’t matter what stage of our lives we find ourselves in, this will forever be true. We cannot pour from an empty cup, but we also can’t pour rubbish. If no one was watching or no one knew, would we be ok with ourselves? Our decisions? What we choose and accept? is God ok with it? That is all that matters.

Truth #5 – Life Will Always Go On

No matter how bad, hard, frustrating, challenging something is or was, the world will not stop. Not for you, not for me. As long as we are alive, seasons will change. Good or bad, accept that it won’t be like that forever. Keep moving forward.

What are some truths you started embracing this year?

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