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Top 4 Books I Read in 2021

This year, I did not read as much as I would have liked to, but I still got to read some books that I would highly recommend! Here are my top 4:

  1. Relational Intelligence – Dharius Daniels

What a book! I’ve never read about boundaries and human relations so plainly. It was straight forward, easy to digest, and highly relatable. It’s the kind of book that you can apply to your life and watch it change for the better! 5/5 – Highly recommend.

  1. The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren

This book was recommended by my therapist and I loved it! The 40-day devotional format made it easy to read. It also wasn’t cheesy or boring in a conventional, “heard it all before” way. Reading this will make you pause and ask yourself the right questions. I can confidently say today that this book carried me through at a point where I was questioning a lot. Reading and praying through it made me identify what is really important to me right now and what I really want, which is to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. That is the journey I am embarking on.

2.The Smart Money Woman – Arese Ugwu

We’ve probably all watched it on Netflix but I just had to read it! This book had been on my wishlist long before the series came out, so imagine my excitement when I saw black, African, fashionable women talking about money! Speaking my language. Something I could relate to and really assimilate without it being a drag. Plus, there’s a fairytale love story in there that makes it even easier to digest. This book teaches you keys and gives practical tools we can apply to become Smart Money Women. It will also make you ask your parents questions lol.

3. Moizaïque 2 Destinées – Raissa Sintcheu

This one is for my frenchies! How many times have we read horror stories about young african women being physically or sexually abused while the family covers it in the name of discretion or protecting the family name? So many lives and hearts have been broken over secrets and burdens too heavy to carry and this book tells the story of 3 young women who carried their own load and overcame their struggles gracefully and with so much mercy. It’s a fiction on redemption, healing and restoration. A beautiful story I recommend to every woman!

What were your top books this year?

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